January 26, 2019

Out of the Gate: Don’t Be Mad If I Don’t Like Your Peaches

  Have you ever heard this quote by Dita Von Teese: “You can be a juicy ripe peach and there’ll still be someone who doesn’t like peaches.” Yeah, me either,…
July 11, 2018

Use Your Office/Retail Space To Gain Brand Loyal Customers

Shopping used to be simple. Growing up, It didn’t matter to my parents if you needed a new TV or if you needed to get a coffee; you found a…
July 10, 2018

How Brand Image Affects Your Bottom Line

Flashback 70 years ago. The “Mad-Men” era when the quality of your product or service was all it took to own a successful business. From coffee to cigarettes, these everyday…
June 22, 2018

Influencer Marketing 101

As business owners, we often get so caught up in the semantics of our brand’s propaganda that we can easily forget our demographic and the real people we’re speaking to.…
June 22, 2018

RISE: Move Past Your Logo

I first became mesmerized by entrepreneurship when working in my ex-husband’s family business. I learned there that it’s harder than it looks, but with strategy and grit, yes anything is…