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By June 22, 2018Business, Featured
I first became mesmerized by entrepreneurship when working in my ex-husband’s family business. I learned there that it’s harder than it looks, but with strategy and grit, yes anything is possible. I also became aware that I was very good at developing a brand. Specifically: to new demographics and elevating the brand identity. Fast forward a business or two later to Crane Creatives, a brand development agency where we assist entrepreneurs in launching or developing their company.
It’s pretty amazing and inspiring that most of our clients have been female solo-entrepreneurs. They don’t have a business partner and they usually don’t have an investor. Simply armed with their talents and dreams of working for themselves. Full time or part time, they are willing to start somewhere – they just don’t know where to begin. Which is normal. Their expertise is within their field, not navigating the world of branding where initial start up costs can bankrupt before they get a foot in the door.
Should they spend money on SEO, what is their color palette, how do they market, how much should they spend, should they buy ads, are all dizzying questions for someone taking a leap into the business abyss.
We come in, give them a starting point, tools and a strategy to launch their business armed with the branding tools they require at an affordable price.
RISE is a series I wanted to create for solo entrepreneurs as a place of “lift” for those who are working their business or are attempting to launch. It is a place for discussion and empowerment, tools, advise based on experience, and most importantly, a place for direction as direction is the key for setting sail to any destination.
The basis of brand development poses questions such as: Who is your target audience? What does your company offer that is unique to the marketplace? How are you communicating to your customer base? Answers to questions such as these allow us to then tailor brand identity and marketing to connect to the consumer. In other words, strategy can only be formed when data is broken down, and the true mission of the business is fleshed out. The intention is to never alter the brand persona, only enhance based on the best opportunity for organic traction. In other words, never lie about who you are, as organic traction will be your first line of attracting business. Organic means natural/free, not paid, as most beginning entrepreneurs have minimal budgets for marketing. Organic is what consumers respond to because it is authentic.
RISE is here to encourage, assist and motivate, because at the end of the day: Nobody really gives a **** about your logo. They just don’t.

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