The Team

Vanessa Turney


Vanessa Turney has been in the visual design industry for over 14 years. Her entrepreneurial path began in the lighting design community where she served for 11 years, winning two National ART awards for her work in retail lighting design. With her experience in design and brand marketing firmly under her belt, she tackled her next passion project as publisher where she was nominated for a local fashion award for her creative work in publishing, Her branding agency Crane Creatives was formed, providing strategic brand marketing for all industries including: entertainment, medical, and political. The creative collaborative process in media inspired her to create her own publishing company under the flagship of the branding agency, where RISE magazine was born. She is once again expanding her creative branding as owner/partner in Keva Col, a retail watch and jewelry entity. She has raised two beautifully kind and accomplished children, and has contributed consistently to her community through non-profit for over 20 years.

James Vadala

Digital Partner

James Vadala has been in the online design and development industry for 10 years. Starting at a very young age, James had a passion for connecting people through technology. He first recognized the power of visual design when he amassed 52,000 followers his personal blog back in 2008. His previous jobs have included being a Technology Education Agent, Sales and Marketing Manager and a Digital Marketing Manager for a Inc. 500 company. With over 4 Google certifications, Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification, and various other accolades, James has brought in over a million dollars in online sales cumulatively. He has a passion for creating modern and compelling visuals both in graphic and web design. James' passions outside of the digital realm include playing guitar & piano, traveling and creating tutorials on his YouTube channel.

Jeremiah Castillo

Programming and Development

Jeremiah Castillo has been designing and developing since 1996. He studied computer science for three years at the University of Wisconsin – Madison before moving to International Relations. He switched majors as he commissioned into the United State Air Force. During multiple deployments, Jeremiah decided to build upon his skills he learned in college and began learning user experience design, brand management, dynamic programming, as well as expanding his knowledge with various design and development software. Jeremiah has designed multiple brands for companies across the United States and Europe. Has built custom applications and designs for companies like Konica, FreshOne Food, and Clear Solutions. He has helped build multiple non-profits and market them throughout Guatemala and Africa. As part of Crane Creatives, Jeremiah brings a unique eye to the Crane process. His military background, development experience, and his eye for design help bring Crane clients to the level they need to be successful. With the combination of Vanessa Turney and other members of Crane Creatives your company’s needs will be met at a higher expectation then any other can provide.

Kelly Hamilton

Public and Community Relations

Kelly Hamilton has been in the creative industry for the entirety of her career. In addition to managing a state-wide publication for many years, she includes public relations, journalist and chef amongst career choices that encompass both her love of work and life. In addition to writing for various local and statewide publications, she is currently partnered in a catering business. Working with founder of Crane Creatives, she extends her publication experience as VP of Operations for RISE magazine and her public relations background is vital to the branding clientele of Crane. She encourages every woman to find her own truth, take a leap of faith, and challenge themselves in every capacity. She holds close to heart her two King Charles Cavaliers, as well as this quote from L.Kashmi: “I went everywhere with longing in my eyes, until here, in my own house, I felt truth filling my sight.”